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For most people, their kitchen is more than just a room where they prepare meals. It is a place where they create cherished memories every day with the people who matter.
The kitchen is the heart of your home. For all the TLC it gives, it deserves some in return. Updating your kitchen according to the season should be high on your priority list. An updated kitchen will increase your home’s aesthetic appeal and improve your mood.
Winter is here. Now is the right time to ready your kitchen for cold weather. Here are some tips for styling the most important room in your home before winter hits full force from Sonoma County kitchen designers, Humanity Home & Cabinetry.

Give Your Kitchen Unit a Makeover

Get rid of old, boring cabinets and replace them with colorful cabinets. Choose colors that help improve your mood. Research color ideas to warm up your space and consider painting one or more walls. Use a visually appealing dark color to create an intimate environment in your kitchen.

Use Plants and Dried Flowers

Want to bring a natural feel to your kitchen design? Consider using plants and dried flowers. The benefits of plants and dried flowers in the kitchen go beyond just aesthetics. There is enough evidence to suggest that being surrounded with plants makes life better. People who spend time around plants are more productive than people who don’t and generally tend to have a more positive outlook.
Plants evoke warmth, enhance the overall appearance of a space, and boost mood. Spending time in a room with plants has a variety of health benefits including reduced blood pressure and muscle tension.

Use Rugs and Towels

Use rugs and towels to create a cozy environment in your kitchen. When you walk on a soft, cozy rug bare foot on a chilly winter morning, your feet will feel blissful.
Look for pretty tea towels and thick towels that combine aesthetics with functionality. If you have a spacious kitchen, use sheepskin for sitting to add a rustic feeling.

Add Ambient Lighting

Since no single fixture will provide all the light required for different tasks, add layers. Use the main overhead light with layers of smaller lights placed in different areas such as over the stove, near the food prep station, and above the sink to creatively illuminate your kitchen.
Use ambient kitchen lighting to create a warm glow and fill any gaps in lighting. Dimmed lights help with ambiance in the kitchen after meals. If you want to customize lighting for different situations, install a light dimmer for every fixture.
Humanity Home & Cabinetry is a renowned Sonoma County kitchen designer. Whether you own a Victorian style home or live in a modern home, we will come up with a plan to give it breath of fresh air. To discuss your project with a member of our team, call (707) 595-5046.