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What makes cabinetry “custom?”

First, let’s clear up some common cabinetry misunderstandings. Where your cabinets are made is not what makes a cabinet “custom.” What makes a cabinet “custom” is dictated by “how” it is made. Every aspect of your cabinet (except for the hardware) should be completely made and finished “in-house.” In other words, the same entity should make the cabinet doors, drawer-fronts, cabinet boxes, moldings and cabinetry finish (stain or paint). This is extremely important to the homeowner because you want one-single entity warranting the quality of your cabinets.

Many local cabinet makers purchase their cabinet doors and drawer-fronts pre-made through a third-party vendor. Not only are they limited to the styles and materials offered by that particular vendor, but they are also not in control of the quality of the materials used to make those pieces. When the wood-stock for cabinet doors/drawer-fronts is sourced from a different vendor than the wood-stock for the cabinet boxes, this can lead to quality and consistency problems. A truly custom cabinet maker will source all the wood for your project from one vendor (and one batch -as batches can vary) and make every aspect of the cabinetry themselves.

It is also common for local cabinet makers to send their cabinets to a third-party “finisher” to stain and/or paint their cabinets. Again, outsourcing another aspect of the cabinetry can lead to quality control and liability issues. If the paint finish on a cabinet fails, who is responsible? The cabinet maker or the finisher? How many hoops will the homeowner have to jump through if a problem arises?

At Humanity Home & Cabinetry, we offer truly custom cabinetry for the discerning homeowner. These cabinets are made 100% in-house; doors, drawer-fronts, boxes and finish- all created by one single entity. This is why our vendors are able to provide risk-free written warranties on their cabinets. As a matter of fact, our custom lines will allow you and your designer to create your own individual door style and finish. If they do not possess the tools to make your custom door, they will make the tools required. Now that is a truly custom cabinet.