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Ways to Make Your Small Space Look Bigger

A small room can feel a little cave-like, especially if it lacks natural light. With the right techniques, you can transform the smallest of rooms to look large and appealing. Listed below are a few designer tips that can make a small space look airy and bigger.
Paint with light hues: The richness of a dark and moody room may appeal to many. It is undeniably romantic, but doesn’t work as well in small spaces. When painting a small space, try and stick to light colors. A neutral palette will help your space look brighter and lighter. Whites, grays, pale blues, and creams will make your space feel airy and maximize light and compliment most décor schemes.
Mirror Magic: This is a rather common interior designer trick…. and it always works! Mirrors are a great way to open up a small space and create the illusion of space. Add a large mirror to the back of a door, behind your sofa, or across an entire wall. You may also use glass bricks to divide alcoves for privacy without having to sacrifice light.
Furniture Makeover: The harsh realities of a small room cannot be ignored. The next time you go to a sale, resist the temptation to shop for all things gorgeous. Weed out pieces of furniture that will fit perfectly in your room and choose what you find most attractive among them. Be sure to carry a measuring tape when you go furniture shopping for a small abode.
Many owners move furniture against the wall hoping it will make the room appear larger. However, this barely does the trick. Instead, try to angle the furniture, ensuring there is a few inches between your furniture and the wall. This will make your room look bigger, instantly.
Multi-functional storage: This is a boon to those who live in small spaces. Multi-functional storage units do not occupy much place and help get rid of the clutter from your sight. Move your flat screen television onto the wall and you will get more floor space to play with. Overhead shelves and wall mounted boxes are not only classy, but also help keep clutter together. They can be accessed using a small step ladder!
A small space can be made to look inviting and chic. Contact Humanity Home & Cabinetry at 707-395-6234 – one of the best interior design companies in Sonoma County, for high quality furnishings, finest personal service, and superior interior design. Our architects have years of experience working on groundbreaking projects and will help transform your small room into the beautiful haven you always envisioned.