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At Humanity Home & Cabinetry, we take pride in being a full-service interior design company based in Sonoma County. We also know that the exceptional full-service interior design we offer to our clients is in large part impacted by our fantastic interior design partnerships!

At this point you might be wondering, “what does a ‘full-service’ interior designer do?” Being a full-service interior design company means that our team will support your project from start to finish! Not only will we guide you through your remodel or new construction style choices from paint to furniture, décor, cabinetry, appliances, and more… we will also provide your choice contractors with build-ready designs. This means that missed expectations and change orders because of imperfect initial interior design plans are a lot less likely.

Keep reading to learn more about why partnerships, business contacts, and other working relationships matter to full-service interior designers. 

Materials, furniture, and décor partnerships.

When a person hires us, they are usually seeking a unique design experience! If they wanted to simply replicate someone else’s style, then flipping through a few pages of architectural digest may be enough. That’s where our professional partnerships come in!

We could walk down the aisles of Crate and Barrel or HomeGoods and provide you with a plethora of design choices, but this is nothing you can’t do on your own! A big part of the reason people seek a professional interior designer is for insights not found at your big-box furniture or décor store. 

You may know you’d like your kitchen island or butchers block to pop, but you also likely don’t know of the countertop artisan a few hours north that specializes in custom-made, one-of-a-kind woodworked counters! Through our professional partnerships, we can represent a variety of truly unique and talented contractors that complement our ability to design functional and picturesque homes.

Interior design partnerships matter: Humanity Home & Cabinetry is proud to represent J Aaronson Countertops.
We’re proud to represent J Aaronson countertops! Visit for more information.

Contractor partnerships

While the build-ready plans our interior design team produces can be utilized by any licensed general contractor, having a prior working relationship with a given contractor is instrumental in delivering a timely, functional, and beautiful remodel or new construction project.

If an interior design company is familiar with contractors of all types in your area from plumbers to electricians and HVAC technicians, then additional client requests, change orders, and additional parts or materials are much easier to coordinate.

Furthermore, if an interior design company has strong preferred partners, then they have access to the most up-to-date and accurate information in any given field! This way, if a client ever has a question that lies outside of our knowledge as expert interior designers, we can turn to our colleagues that are respective experts in their given construction field to provide our clients with timely and accurate information.

As you can see, strong partnerships are important in the interior design world. Want to learn more about our full-service interior design services or our preferred partners that may operate in Santa Rosa or Sonoma County? Click here to schedule a consultation online or call us at (707) 595-5046.

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