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Do you have a favorite memory of fall from your childhood? Did your parents take you apple picking, pumpkin carving, or did they put out turkey hand towels and throw pillows?

Many people love the changing seasons. After all, with new seasons comes new possibilities! However, not everyone has the time to fully redecorate his or her home with every new seasonal trend. Furthermore, not all people adore the “cheesy” decorations that arise with seasonal trends. 

As professional interior designers, we take pride in finding ways to provide our clients with ideas that are both fun and stylish. Keep reading to learn about three of our favorite fall interior design trends that are easy to implement!

1. Fall Wreaths and Floral Arrangements

Wreaths have made somewhat of a comeback in recent years. They are continually being made of varying materials and colors, so it is often easy to find something you like regardless of your taste. Furthermore, with the wide variety of options and suppliers, there is a wreath for anyone’s price range!

Another fun thing about floral arrangements is that they can be used for so much more than just your front door. Have you ever used a wreath as a dining room table setting or mantelpiece? If done right, a wreath or other fall floral arrangement can be a wonderful seasonal addition to your home.

2. Wicker: Baskets, Furniture, and more!

Wicker is a not-so-new trend that is here to stay. Wicker baskets have been a long time favorite of designers and homeowners alike for their versatility and functionality. Need a place to store your television remotes? A small coffee table wicker basket is great! Need a way to keep your throw blankets organized and tidy in the living room? A large wicker basket will do the trick.

What is new is the widespread use of wicker for more than just accent / storage pieces. Have you seen a wicker chair or bench used indoors? What about a wicker barstool or even a wicker lampshade? The options are endless! With the right eye for design, incorporating wicker can be a wonderful way to add character to a room or space.

Wicker Ceiling Light Shade Interior Design

3. Pumpkins

You might be thinking, “aren’t pumpkins overdone and cheesy?” If jack-o-lanterns make you and your family happy, then don’t let anyone stop you. After all, they will only be temporary design pieces around your house, porch, or garden.

If you don’t love the pumpkin theme, then another thing to focus on could be warm tones and textures with other decorations. Reds, light browns, yellows, and oranges can help bring a “fall” atmosphere into the home. Not sure where to start? Simple and affordable throw blankets, pillows, or lamps can be good budget friendly starting points. If you own indoor plants, then consider accented flowerpots!

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