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  • Month: October 2018

Kitchen Designers near Marin County – Incorporate Features that Stand the Test of Time

Remodelling your kitchen can turn into an expensive affair, especially with the myriad of options offered in the market such as color palettes and accessories. It can be tricky as well as overwhelming to build up a stylish kitchen that doesn’t break the bank. Often homeowners embrace current design trends, while others play it safe […]

Why It Is Important to Consult with a Kitchen Designer

You may be wanting to give your kitchen a makeover and are aware that many people seek the advice of a Sonoma County kitchen designer. You might be thinking you could come up with a design simply by choosing cabinets, countertops, and floors, but it’s not that easy. A professional kitchen designer will take the […]

Make Your Small Space Look Big with Humanity Home & Cabinetry

Ways to Make Your Small Space Look Bigger A small room can feel a little cave-like, especially if it lacks natural light. With the right techniques, you can transform the smallest of rooms to look large and appealing. Listed below are a few designer tips that can make a small space look airy and bigger. […]