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White kitchens have reigned supreme in the professional interior designer world for quite some time. However, the reasons why this style is popular has drastically changed over time. Before we talk about why we still love designing white kitchens today, it’s important to understand where this movement came from.

Readily available and standardized cabinetry played a major role in helping form the kitchens we think of today! When United States manufactures first began producing cabinetry on a mass scale, there were not many color options. Therefore, as kitchens became a popular room inside the home instead of an afterthought, most homes had white cabinetry because white cabinets were easily available.

White cabinetry remained a popular choice over time for many different reasons. Some people associate the white paint color with cleanliness and good hygiene due to an unconscious association with hospitals, doctors, and nurses. After all, a room that is used to prepare food being associated with cleanliness isn’t a bad thing! Other people feel that white cabinetry remained popular simply because it was first to the cabinetry scene.

While some of these reasons hold validity in today’s interior design world, keep reading to learn why our interior designers at Humanity Home & Cabinetry still love designing white kitchens in 2022!

1. The Color White Reflects Light

The color white reflects more light than any other color. This is especially important for those that are working with a smaller kitchen. Because the color white reflects more light than other colors like navy blue, black, or grey, kitchens that incorporate white paint or white cabinetry can feel a lot brighter and bigger than they otherwise would. This often works well with galley-style kitchens!

2. White Cabinetry is Timeless

Although white cabinetry may have been the most readily available color when kitchen cabinetry was first popularized, it has remained a popular choice today when there are many alternative colors readily available at most local hardware stores. In fact, according to Statista, approximately 41% of US households have white cabinetry in their kitchens as of 2022.

White kitchen cabinetry is also a great choice if you are remodeling on a budget. Because of its timeless nature, there is a lot lower chance of needing a future remodel due to your design choices going out of style! This can save homeowners money in the long run.

3. White Cabinetry Makes Accents Easy

White kitchen walls and/or white kitchen cabinets are a great starting point for nearly any homeowner regardless of his or her taste! Because white is so neutral, it is easy to incorporate your favorite colors as accent pieces while keeping an open, bright, and clean feeling in the kitchen. If you’re not big on decorating but still want to add a touch of color, then think about what kind of countertops and cabinetry hardware you desire; the combinations are endless!

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