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Whimsigoth décor may be the next big thing in interior design for Fall 2023! If you find yourself thinking, “what in the world is whimsigoth interior design?”, then you’re not alone. Keep reading to find out what this new trend is and how our professional interior design team is incorporating whimsigoth décor more frequently in 2023.

What is Whimsigoth Interior Design?

The word whimsigoth is a combination of two well-known interior design styles: gothic interior design and whimsical interior design.

Gothic inspired home design focuses heavily on blacks, greys, and other dark hues paired with very ornate and somber accent pieces. This style often produces a modernized and updated take on a medieval or somber atmosphere.

On the other end of the design spectrum, whimsical design is full of colorful, and eclectic paints, furniture, and accent pieces. This style is all about playful interior design choices. It is quite the opposite of gothic inspired interior design!

As a combination of gothic and whimsical design, the interior design style whimsigoth is full of dark, saturated colors combined with whimsical, uplifting undertones, furniture, clocks, and more. Think of black living room walls paired with white ceilings and gold accents, or black cabinetry paired with eclectic wallpaper… the options are endless!

How can I Incorporate Whimsigoth at Home?

Whimsigoth design is all about pairing a moody, dark aesthetic with an imaginative and playful touch. While our interior design team encourages you to have fun with it and express yourself, below are a few tips that will help with your whimsigoth design project. 

If you have ever wanted to have a room with black paint, the whimsigoth interior design trend is the perfect excuse to go for it! The key to pulling off this trend is to incorporate lighter touches as well throughout the room: gold accents, fun backsplashes, imaginative lamps, unconventional clocks, eccentric furniture, bright rugs or curtains, ornate hardware, or other accent pieces can go a long way.

Is painting not an option for you? You can still join in the fun with a low-commitment option like whimsigoth themed wallpaper!

Will the Whimsigoth Trend Last?

Whimsigoth themed interior design and décor can add a much-needed flare of self-expression to any guest bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or other living space. While this trend may not be for everyone, if done well, there is no reason it won’t last a lifetime for those who love the aesthetic! Our professional interior designers are here to help make sure your whimsigoth, gothic, or whimsical home remodel is a success. Contact us today with any questions you have.

Are you considering adding whimsigoth themes to your home remodel or new construction? Are you looking for a professional interior designer in Santa Rosa or Sonoma County? Click here to schedule consultation online or call us at (707) 595-5046 for any of your whimsigoth inspired design questions!