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Whether you are designing a new home from scratch or planning to update an existing home, consulting a Sonoma County interior designer is a key step in creating the space of your dreams.

Interior designers are knowledgeable professionals. They know what’s trending and how to bring a space to life. When designing a space, an experienced interior designer keeps both aesthetics and functionality at the top of their mind.

Before starting a project, your Sonoma County interior designer will want to meet you to discuss different design ideas and themes. During the meeting, they will ask you several questions to better understand your goals and vision. Below we answer several common questions about interior design consultations.

Why is an Interior Design Consultation Conducted?

An interior design consultation is a way to get you and your designer acquainted with each other and the project. During the session, your interior designer will work with you to define the scope of your project. They will try to understand your preferences regarding how you use each area of your home, as well as preferences of colors, furnishings, plumbing and lighting.

During the meeting, your interior designer’s focus will be to figure out and help you understand what is required and help prioritize projects. Meet your designer at your home so they can see the space, to better understand its specifications and take any necessary measurements and notes.

What Happens During an Interior Design Consultation?

Your interior designer will ask you to describe your vision. To show your designer exactly what you love, carry a selection of images, fabrics and product samples for your space.

If your design brief involves multiple rooms and you want every room to have its individual identity, create vision boards before the meeting and bring them to the consultation.

Your designer will carefully analyze your creative ideas, and then come up with suggestions to fine-tune your vision and explain any issues they may see doesn’t work for the project.

Q & A Session

Bring any and all of your concerns or questions to the meeting. If you are concerned about materials and labor cost, your interior designer will explain the process, as well as suggesting alternatives, or breaking the project into phases.

At the same time, your designer will have several questions for you such as how do you use your home, whether you need a theme, and what type of design you are comfortable with. Be prepared to answer these questions.

House Tour and Site Measurement

During the initial meeting, your designer will take important measurements to ensure they have the exact specifications to work with. Your designer will also take a house tour with you. Do not feel embarrassed by it! There is a reason you’ve hired a professional!

They may want to know the function of each room in order to better understand your relationship with your space. These details will help your designer create a customized plan that fits your lifestyle and preferences.

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