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Kitchen designers in Napa County recognize that this room is now a focal point of any home. The role of a kitchen has changed, as has the traditional, boring look it once adopted. Thanks to advances in technology as well as the way we now use our kitchens, there are a host of modern design trends that are changing the face of these dining areas forever. Here are the top five trends in kitchen design for 2018.
Smarter is better
If technology has invaded all aspects of our homes, why should it leave kitchens behind? Smart kitchens are hugely popular among kitchen designers in Napa County and offer the integration of technology into every function and appliance from lighting and faucets to the refrigerator. These kitchens come with motion sense-equipped faucets, egg-monitoring devices, and light controls that can be handled by your smartphone.
A change of color
It’s safe to assume that white may never go out of style. What’s predicted for 2018, however, is that all-white kitchens will incorporate islands in different paint or wood stain colors. Also popular are grey cabinets, which are versatile and work well with any look or project. Other popular choices include dark jewel tones like navy, black, plum and emerald green for the dramatic feel they bring. Dark kitchen cabinets should be used carefully though because they can also overpower a kitchen.
More streamlining
Designs, materials, and textures are being simplified to create stress-free environments. More and more kitchen designers in Napa County are opting to remove upper wall cabinets and make kitchens appear larger and brighter. In terms of textures, rough cut wood is gaining in popularity along with natural elements and metal tubing, natural stone or backsplash tiles, and wood beams for ceilings.
Quartz rules
This is a huge trend, especially for high-end kitchen countertops, presumably because quartz is extremely hardy, anti-microbial and easier to maintain than granite. Quartz countertops now come in a wide range of colors and realistic stone patterns, with elaborate swirl finishes and large veining. Softer and more neutral colors are also gaining in popularity.
Better storage
An unnecessary waste of space is increasingly being frowned upon, as kitchen designers in Napa County focus on smarter, more effective storage solutions. For 2018, popular solutions include pull-outs for spices, appliances garages, drawer dividers for cutlery and roll-out trays.
Kitchen designers in Napa County
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