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As we approach the end of the year, the holiday season is upon us. It has never been a better time to style your home for winter. Using color, texture, and aroma you can style your home to have a feeling of warmth during the winter. Look for ways to add warmth to spaces to make them feel more cozy and welcoming amidst these colder months.
Here are some tips for styling your home to perfection this winter from Humanity Home, interior designers specializing in kitchen and bath remodeling near you.

Go for Gold

Gold finishes are trending as one of the most popular finishing colors right now. The best thing about gold is that it pairs well with a wide range of colors. Gold brings a warm glow to any space that may be otherwise lacking.
When used correctly, gold finishes can add sophisticated, elegant modernity to any space. If you haven’t experimented with gold yet, now is the right time to consider adding gold to your interior.
There are several ways to incorporate gold into your home decoration. Look for chandeliers with a touch of gold on the arms. Want to add some elegance to your dining affairs? Consider gold cutlery. If you want to add style to your walls, replace wall photo frames with intricate gold borders.

Consider Layering and Textures

Layering pattern, texture, and material is another popular trend this year. Make your bedroom and living room chic while adding a sophisticated touch. Mix wool knits with twills, felts, and knits or wood with porcelain and marble.
You can achieve this by bringing together knitted blankets and textured quilts. For example, you can layer a few cushions with different textures on the sofa or layer a knitted blanket over a textured quilt cover.

Add Natural Materials to Your Decor

Introducing natural materials into your home is one of the most effective ways to create a sense of warmth, calm, and comfort. Natural materials bring a sense of homeliness to any space.
Use brick as a backdrop or focal point. Adding decorative pieces made from natural timbers such as oak and ash wood to dull spaces is a time-tested way to brighten them up. Incorporate natural stones such as marble and granite into your home decor. Consider decorating with flowers and potted plants such as succulents.

Experiment With Raw Colors and Soft Tones

Experiment with nude, blush, and soft pastel shades. Use soft pastels such as chalky blue to set the tone for any room. Pair soft tones with raw tones such as rust and terracotta to make your spaces look more elegant.
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