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Remodeling your bathroom is one of the most effective ways to increase home value. An updated bathroom feels warmer and more welcoming. No wonder bathroom remodeling projects continue to be one of the most popular home improvement projects.  

Many people use their bathroom as an area of the home to unwind from the day, relax, and make themselves comfortable. Here are some steps to take when remodeling your bathroom with the assistance of a kitchen and bath designer. 

Address Storage Needs  

Make sure functionality does not take a back seat. Think of ways to add extra storage to your bathroom. If you plan to remove walls to increase the size of your bathroom, make room for a linen closet.  

Even a small 24-inch deep, 32-inch wide linen closet will provide enough space for mats, towels, cleaning supplies, and toilet paper.  

If you have enough space, consider replacing a one-sink vanity with a double-sink vanity. To create extra space to store small items such as medications and cosmetics, replace your wall mirror with a mirrored bath cabinet.  

Improve Lighting  

Poor bathroom lighting will not only make your bath look dull, but can increase the risk of falls, trips, and slips. Bathrooms should have two types of lighting – task and ambient.  

Task lighting provides increased lighting for specific tasks such as shaving, personal grooming, and applying makeup. Task lighting usually includes recessed fixtures, wall-mounted sconce lights, or lights installed over a mirrored bath cabinet. 

Ambient lighting usually includes ceiling lights such as flush-mounted fixtures and recessed lights. Ambient lighting provides overall illumination for the bath.  

When choosing lighting for your bath, remember to consult with your kitchen and bath designer. The designer will help you select natural and complementary lighting for your bathroom while considering both form and function.  

Upgrade the Ventilation System  

High humidity levels in your bathroom create a breeding ground for mold. If your bathroom has poor ventilation, upgrade it before you have a full-blown infestation.  

To improve bathroom ventilation, install a vent fan. If you already have one, make sure it has a rating equal to one CFM per square foot of floor space. Large bathrooms will require multiple vent fans. Before installing a vent fan directly above your bathtub, make sure it is rated for wet and steamy conditions.  

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