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Get ready to dust off your patio furniture because spring is here! With the arrival of spring comes many interior design and decoration trends. While displaying local flowers in a vintage vase can always add character to your kitchen, we’re here to help you with ideas you may not think of! Keep reading to find out what spring 2023 interior design trends our experts think are here to stay.

Bold Paints

Last year, we saw a rise in bold color choices for interior paints – especially in home kitchens. Colors like reds, yellows, greens, and blues aren’t going anywhere this spring! However, while last year focused on extremely vibrant and popping colors, you can expect to see this year’s color choices reflect deeper and richer tones.

Pictured left is a remodeled kitchen with accent color choices consistent with last year’s color theme of bright and light, while pictured right is a kitchen that coincides closer to this year’s design trend of deeper and richer colors. Notice that both rooms have significant pops of color in contrast to an all-white room; yet they are still drastically different from each other!

Eco-Conscious Design

The demand for interior designers that can make environmentally conscious design decisions increased dramatically in recent years. Our design team at Humanity Home & Cabinetry thinks this shift towards eco-conscious design is a great opportunity to remodel or redecorate your home!

Eco-conscious design is a wide-ranging scale. Some homeowners have the passion and means to have a self-sustaining household designed: rainwater collection, greywater recycling, farming plots, and more. Yet, this isn’t for every homeowner… and that’s okay! There are still many ways you can join the eco-conscious interior design movement to spruce up your home while helping the environment.

For example, have you ever considered a vertical garden? This can be done both indoors and outdoors, and vertical gardens can even be created in a limited space apartment! Do you have any open wall space that gets indirect sunlight throughout the day? How about an empty windowsill? Not only are vertical gardens easy to maintain, but they can also help create a beautiful, natural, and fresh atmosphere in your kitchen.


Have you noticed that a lot of furniture and accent pieces alike are displaying curved surfaces or features? This is a noticeable departure from the sleek, sharp, and minimalist lines we have gotten used to in recent years.

Not sure how to incorporate this interior design trend in your home? Try starting with something small! Think about opting for a new piece of wall art or a coffee table accent piece. If you’re prepared for a bigger change, then you might want to add a new chair or curvy couch to your living room.

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