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Being a professional interior designer is not always about working with the newest, most scarce, or priciest materials and décor. At Humanity Home & Cabinetry, our interior designers are motivated to provide the best possible finished result within a client’s specified budget, and no two budgets are ever the same!

A great interior designer knows how to be creative and flexible on a budget. Using our expert knowledge and work experience, we’ve put together a list of three easy ways to re-decorate and spruce up your home while working on a strict budget.

1) Hang or Re-Hang Artwork

When you look around your apartment or home, do you see a lot of blank wall space? If so, then you have room for artwork! A new painting, canvas print, framed photograph, or sculpture can go a long way towards making an old space feel new again.

New artwork can be an inexpensive way to re-design or redecorate portions of your home. You don’t have to shop a Sotheby’s auction to find great artwork; check out your local flea market or artist cooperative! You can usually find something meaningful to you that fits with your home’s aesthetic appeal at an affordable price.

Unused Space Before Remodel
Unused Space After Remodel: Artwork Display

2. Furniture Arrangement

When is the last time you moved your living room couch? What about your dining room table? Furniture placement is an important and often overlooked aspect of interior design. A home can feel entirely different from one day to the next by re-arranging its furniture.

If your floor plan is closed, meaning your home has segmented rooms with walls separating each room, then proper furniture placement will allow for easy entry and exit of the room. It’s also important to keep all a room’s features accessible in a closed floor plan. Have you ever seen a table pressed too close to a wall so that one or two of the chairs are rendered useless? Consulting a professional interior designer can help avoid these types of outcomes.

Maybe your home is on the opposite end of the spectrum; you have so much open space due to an open floor plan that it seems hard to fill! Is there an awkward area of carpet that seems out of place? Is there a specific corner that goes unused? A professional interior designer can often find ways to incorporate your unused spaces into functional and beautiful aspects of your home!

3. Wallpaper

We have said this before and will say so again: wallpaper is back to stay! However, wallpaper today isn’t the same wallpaper you may remember from your grandparents’ kitchen. There are many different styles, colors, and even some with textures!

While wallpaper isn’t always going to be a cheaper option than paint, there are many ways to be creative with wallpaper while saving money. Have you ever seen a room with only one of four walls wallpapered? Depending on the paint colors and room décor, this can be both unique and tasteful!

Entryway Wallpaper

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