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Rave décor might be the next big thing in interior design for Summer 2023! If you find yourself thinking, “what in the world is rave décor?”, then you’re not alone. Keep reading to find out what this new interior design trend is and how our professional interior designers are incorporating rave décor more frequently in 2023.

What is rave décor?

Rave décor isn’t necessarily a new idea – it’s a new and clever term to describe a trend that has been brewing for generations. Do you remember the bright neon signs of the 1920’s – 1950’s? What about the wild dyed abstract carpets from arcades, laser tag, and roller-skating rinks of the 1990’s? Rave décor isn’t too far removed from these interior design trends.

Rave décor, or In-home design based on rave, techno, or electronic music festival themes, is an interior design trend that emphasizes bright neon colors, multicolor lights, inclusivity, and self-expression. Not sure how to incorporate these ideas into your home’s design in a tasteful way? Our interior designers are here to help!

Rave décor themed light fixtures: bright neon orange.

(Bright neon orange light fixtures pictured above)

How can I incorporate rave décor at home?

With a little guidance from a professional interior designer, anyone can incorporate rave décor at home in a fashion forward and long-lasting way. Here are three quick tips to get you started on your rave décor home project:

1) What’s your Favorite Color?

    Nearly everyone has a favorite color. Take your favorite color and start looking for accent pieces in its brightest version. Do you love blue? Maybe it’s time to get neon blue pillowcases for the guest bedroom. What about yellow? How about a new bright yellow wall clock?

    2) Start Small

    Not sure where to start? It’s okay to pick something small. Not everyone needs to opt for replacing a full set of furniture in the living room.

    Even small touches of bright neon colors can make a room feel fresh and fun. If you’ve ever needed an excuse to get that wild colored KitchenAid mixer, now’s the time! If baking isn’t your favorite hobby, then consider opting for other accent pieces like a new piece of bright wall art or lamp shade.

    3) Have Fun

    Are you feeling a bit bolder than new accent pieces? Consider upgrading your kitchen cabinetry to a new, fun color! This can be a bold yet lasting way to incorporate your favorite color in your kitchen design without compromising on space or functionality. You can also easily paint a single wall of a bathroom, living room, or home office a new bright color.

    No matter what you decide, make sure you have fun with it. Maybe a glass display jar filled with bright multi-colored jellybeans on your kitchen counter is the best starting place for you!

    Rave décor themed accent pieces.

    (Bright red and yellow kitchen accent pieces)

    Will rave décor last?

    If done right, rave themed décor can add a much-needed flare of self-expression to any kitchen, bathroom, or other space.

    Are you considering adding rave décor to your home remodel or new construction? Are you looking for a professional interior designer in Santa Rosa or Sonoma County? Click here to schedule consultation online or call us at (707) 595-5046 for any of your rave, EDM, or neon inspired design questions!

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