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Interior designers in Sonoma County understand that one of the more functional aspects of designing homes today is how they integrate aspects of modern technology seamlessly. How does a home offer convenience for all the devices you own, for instance, or where do charging stations fit in with the idea of a clutter-free space? Here are some of the ways and means in which new technologies are being carefully integrated into the design with a bit of innovation and ingenuity. It’s the perfect way to make space for your iPads, tablets, and smartphones without turning your desks and kitchens into a cluttered pile.
Power Centers
This is a great way of charging one or more devices with a 9-volt power cord. They work very well from a design perspective because they are small sticks that can easily be lifted from a counter or pulled out from a wall when required while allowing you to plug in a number of devices.
Charging Surfaces
Companies now offer these wireless solid surfaces that can charge up a device without taking up any space, simply by connecting a ring to a smart device and placing the device on the charging spot. The best thing is it automatically stops when a battery is charged. Clean, stylish, and great for clutter-free desks.
Docking Stations
These small covered outlets come with USB ports and other types of outlets that allow one to charge all kinds of devices without taking up room on a counter or wall.
Charging Drawer Station
You can avoid cluttering up a desk by using these to conveniently house your devices in a drawer while they are powering up.
Under-Cabinet Devices
These are power strips tucked away along the bottom of kitchen cabinets, and come in a variety of shapes with as many plugs as you need. They are perfect for blenders, toasters, and other kitchen appliances.
Interior designers in Sonoma County
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