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Your kitchen is an integral part of your home. It’s more than just an area where food is prepared. You and your loved ones create numerous memories in your kitchen every day and some would call it the heart of a home. Given the important role that your kitchen plays in your life, upgrading it to improve its aesthetic appeal and functionality shouldn’t be a task taken lightly. Planning a home remodeling project? Show your kitchen the love it deserves during remodeling. As you prepare for a kitchen redesign, get up to date on the newest kitchen design trends. We have compiled a list of some design trends that are expected to be prominent in 2020.
More Homeowners Will Use Bold Colors
In the past, most homeowners leaned towards neutral hues in the kitchen. However, this has changed with time and modern homeowners is willing to experiment with colors. They are more open to the idea of using vibrant hues like pinks and yellows and less conventional, subtle shades like dark blues and greens.
Hideaway Storages Are In
A functional kitchen is good, but a kitchen designed to hide away unnecessary messes is great. The demand for smart storage options designed to maximize kitchen storage space has substantially increased over the past few years. Storage options such as breakfast stations that hold common appliances such as toasters and coffee machines are becoming increasingly popular with each passing year.
Kitchens are becoming the Heart of the Home
Kitchens are no longer considered just places where meals are prepared.They are viewed as the heart of the home; an area where people gather,socialize, and entertain their guests. To help their clients make the most of their kitchen space, many remodelers stick to an open-kitchen plan. An open-kitchen often includes a dining area and living room. These kitchens are ideal for everything from eating together, to hosting a dinner party,or getting your child’s homework done. If you have spare space, opt for a dynamic kitchen island that offers extra space for cooking and socializing.
Natural Materials in the Kitchen? They Are More Common Than You Think!
Expect to see increasing variety of natural materials in kitchens this year. From wood grain to aesthetically pleasing stone and marble, there is a wide range of options to choose from. However, a potential drawback of using natural materials is that many materials do not meet the required levels of durability needed in an average kitchen. If durability is a top-of-mind concern for you, consider opting for mock materials such as quartz work surfaces and porcelain tiles. To explore your options, consult with reputable kitchen and bath remodeling experts near you.
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