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Enjoying Beautiful Kitchen Designs in Marin County
Whether you live in San Francisco or one of the neighboring communities, you and your family and friends probably spend a considerable amount of time in your kitchen. Why not transform this vital room to meet your specific needs? With the help of professional kitchen designers in Marin County like Humanity Home & Cabinetry, you’ll finally realize your kitchen dreams. No matter the space or personal requirements, your brand new kitchen is just a phone call away.
Some of the great features you can expect from your local San Francisco and Marin County-based kitchen designers include:

  • Professional space planning with 3D drawings to help you visual your new kitchen
  • Beautiful custom cabinetry with large array of options
  • Furniture and Accessories

Professional Interior Design
When you want the finest designed kitchen or bathroom, Humanity Home & Cabinetry is here. From the beginning of the design process to working with your specific requirements, everything is handled and taken care of so you can finally experience your dream kitchen.
Cabinetry, Furniture and Accessories
The finest kitchen deserves the finest cabinetry, furniture and accessories. This is because you don’t want box-store additions to your home. At Humanity Home & Cabinetry, each selection is custom-tailored to meet your very specific needs and requirements. After all, what you are looking for in a kitchen may not be what someone else is looking for. With unique pieces and breathtaking quality, there’s nothing like the cabinetry, furniture and accessories offered by Humanity Home & Cabinetry.
Full Kitchen and Bath Design
The interior design team at Humanity Home & Cabinetry doesn’t stop at just crafting your beautiful kitchen. If you’re interested in a new bathroom design, this is an available option. So whether you are interested in one or both, you can have the same design team working with you on each project throughout your home.
There is no need to suffer through an inferiorly designed kitchen. That is exactly why Humanity Home & Cabinetry assists you with all of your design needs. So whether you’re looking for kitchen designers in Marin County or you simply have a few basic questions on the process, all you need to do is pick up your phone and give the team at Humanity Home & Cabinetry a call.