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One of the more common questions posed to Sonoma County kitchen designers is which countertop makes the most sense from the more popular choices of Quartz, Granite, Quartzite, Marble and Limestone. The answer depends on what kind of kitchen you have in mind, of course, along with what look you’re aiming for, and what your budget is. These pointers may help you narrow down your decision.
The best choice for luxury
These are all good options for luxury, because they offer clean, streamlined finishes. Quartz has an edge here though because they are fabricated and give you a consistent color and patterns. Granite works if you want a rugged or natural inconsistency, while granite or quartz both work for an ultra-luxury finish. In terms of color, all options offer a rich variety. These days, quartz is able mimic all types of natural stone, providing a luxurious look with easier maintenance.
For durability and low-maintenance
If you have a busy household, a quartz countertop is what most Sonoma County kitchen designers will recommend because they are fabricated using ultra-tough resins that yield a non-porous, hygienic surface. They don’t stain and are low maintenance, with quartz being virtually indestructible. Natural stone is prone to cracking and staining because it is porous. Sealants assist in keeping the stone indestructible, but it must be applied at least once per year. Marble and limestone are the softest, most porous material of the natural stone, which can show marks, etching and scratches.
For eco-friendly kitchens
Sonoma County kitchen designers know that quartz slabs contain one of Earth’s most prolific minerals and can last forever. While mining practices make natural stone the least sustainable option.
Kitchens on a budget
The cost of your kitchen countertop depends on several factors, from the size of your kitchen to the material you choose, its style, finish, and thickness. Sonoma County kitchen designers can give you a better idea of your options depending on your budget, but most will agree that quartz is often the most expensive, while most natural stone is a little less in average price per square foot. However, designers feel the low maintenance of quartz is a cost savings in itself.
Kitchen designers in Napa County
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