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New interior design trends appear every day. How are you supposed to know which will stay?

As Sonoma County’s premier interior design showroom, we take great care to remain ahead of the ever-changing interior design trends so that our clients don’t have to! Keep reading to learn more about the upcoming summer 2022 trends that our professional interior designers think might be worth your while.

Warm Hues are Back

Warm interior walls and décor are widely popular again – especially warm metals! Gold, satin brass, oil rubbed bronze, and other similar metals and tones are exploding in popularity.

However, there’s a slight difference in style from the metals in your grandparents’ house. Metal finishes today can really pop to add life to your kitchen, bathroom, or other accents!

From Modern Farmhouse to Modern-ish Farmhouse-ish?

Features from both modern inspirations and farmhouse inspirations will still be vastly popular this summer and for many summers to come. However, that doesn’t mean the trends aren’t evolving.

In fact, the styles of modern and farmhouse have continued to blend further! Look out for more clean, modern style lines in the layout and architecture of new homes with farmhouse style influences in the accents or décor.

Boho Meets Japandi

Another extremely popular trend – especially for homeowners that are looking for an alternative to the farmhouse style – is the japandi movement.

If you don’t know what japandi is, try to imagine boho design influences mixed with Asian influences: luscious layers, textures, nature, plants, woods, and anything weaved!

With a lot of emphasis being placed on green spaces, nature, and plants, we see this style remaining popular for years to come. Many people often incorporate these themes into their bathrooms, but this can also be a wonderful interior design choice for a kitchen remodel!

Bye-Bye All White Kitchens

The days of all white kitchens being the pinnacle of interior design are gone!

For clarity, we want to reassure all our readers with white kitchens that white kitchens are still in style and will remain so; white simply isn’t the end-all be-all choice any longer for kitchen design.

Moving into the summer of 2022, we expect a lot of black paints to rise in popularity for new kitchens or kitchen remodels. We also anticipate many warm woods and plants will nicely complement kitchens with black paint.

Slab Showers

Have you ever heard of a slab shower? If not, then slab showers are worth learning about for your next home or bathroom remodel!

These days, slab showers are often no more expensive than high-end tile showers. What’s even better is that slab showers remove the need for grout – no more long hours spent scrubbing away your shower wall grout with a toothbrush!

If you want a slab shower that has a bit more artistic flair, then make sure to also look at book matched slab showers. This style can create a beautiful visual effect that adds to the atmosphere of the room.

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