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At Humanity Home & Cabinetry, we take pride in staying ahead of all the interior design trends that our clients may inquire about. Do you want to know what trends from 2022 we think are staying in the past? What about the trends our professional interior designers think will be popular in 2023? Keep reading to learn more!

Tones and Textures: Neutral or Bold?

Over the past few years, neutral tones and textures have reigned the predominant choice for interior designers and homeowners alike when it comes to interior design and home remodels. Our professional interior design team anticipates a slight shift from this trend in 2023: look out for bold pops of color! While natural tones and finishes that present neutral colors like bamboo, pine, and concrete still remains a timeless interior design choice, bold accent pieces and paints will be on the rise as many homeowners look to show off their personalities.

Open Floor Plans: You Decide

Open floor plans have come in and out of favor many times over the years. While our interior design team favors the aesthetic appeal of an open floor plan, we also encourage homeowners to take their lifestyle into account when considering creating an open floor plan. Do multiple people in the household work or study from home? If so, then it is often nice to have a more segmented floor-plan that allows for separate, distraction free workspaces.

Accent Walls

As we previously predicted, wallpaper is here to stay! Accented walls are going to make a splash in 2023. Whether a homeowner decides to choose wallpaper, paint, or use another method of texturing, accent walls in kitchens, entryways, living areas, and bedrooms are sticking around as a popular design choice.

Quality over Quantity: Custom Furniture

As we transition to a world that is increasingly digitally based, people are spending more and more time working from home. With this increased time spent at home, many people are finding their current cabinetry or other furniture to be inadequate: the lack of quality shows now more than ever with increased use. Is the finish on your stock cabinetry or particle-board desk peeling? Maybe it’s time for an upgrade! A great interior designer can often connect you with skilled tradespeople capable of creating custom cabinetry, tables, decks, and more that will last for years to come.


While sustainability and green building has been growing for years, we anticipate this growth to continue in 2023. In past years, the ideas of sustainability focused more on tangible objects: what building materials are being used and are they recycled? More recently, interior designers have started incorporating sustainability into their home designs. Where are the vestibules for your recycling? Are they located in a place that makes them easily accessible?

Upcycling is also growing in popularity. Instead of immediately going to Ikea or Target for your decorating needs, consider upcycling a family heirloom or something from your local thrift store! This can be a great way to keep your home decorations fresh without breaking the bank and helping to reduce waste in your community.

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