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Do you have any favorite interior design trends from the past? Keep reading to find out which interior design trends from over the decades that we think are back in style today!


When you think of 1950’s interior design, what first comes to mind? Black and white linoleum kitchen tiles is surely top of mind! While this may be great for car lovers that want racing themed kitchens, this kitchen design trend is likely best left in the past.

However, there is a very popular 1950’s interior design choice that is coming back in style: abstract patterns, paints, and wallpaper, and tile! While 1950’s design tended to focus on abstract patterns like different fruits and vegetables all over the wall, today’s abstract design is more focused on geometric shapes and patterns.


If you lived in the United States in the 1960’s, then it’s likely you are familiar with bohemian inspired interior design. While the boho design movement didn’t start in the 60’s, this was when the boho design style really took hold of the fashion industry and continued into the 70’s.

With a big push towards sustainability and natural building materials… bohemian design is back to stay. Have you been eyeing that macramé wall hanging on Instagram? What about that wicker basket that doubles as an ottoman? Our interior design experts say go for it – these can be easy and affordable accent pieces to spruce up any kitchen or living room.


The popularity of rattan furniture remained strong from the 60’s through the 70’s. However, during the 1970’s, things like paint choices and accent pieces became significantly brighter and nosier. Yellow velvet furniture, animal print rugs or wall hangings, and even inflatable furniture became normal!

While many of these interior design choices have stayed in the past, one 1970’s design trend has resurfaced in our modern world: conversation pits! While today’s common spaces at home aren’t always literal “pits” like they were in the 1970’s, the idea of focusing on spaces for entertainment or in-home gatherings is on the rise.


One interior design trend that began to take off in the 1980’s and has only become more complex today is the incorporation of entertainment systems (think VCR to DVD to Blue Ray to 3D home theatre systems). While it used to be cool to display all your technological gadgets out in the open, today’s interior design tends to find ways to incorporate your entertainment needs in a sleek and subtle fashion. There are even audio/visual specialists that our interior design team works with whose entire career is to hide audio/visual cables and devices from view!


One of our favorite 1990’s interior design trends was the dominance of greens – and they’re back! While blue has been the jewel tone in recent years, greens in all tones are on the rise. A modern-day blend of natural elements includes green, and we’re here for it!


Have you heard of Rave Décor? This new design style is making waves in 2023. If you’d like to learn more about this new interior design trend, then give us a call or stay tuned for next month’s blog post! 

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