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If you have a compact kitchen, space is a major constraint. Thankfully, you have no reason to worry as modern kitchens now come with smart storage solutions that optimizes space and ensures you have a kitchen design that is functional as well as aesthetically pleasing.
Going Vertical
Instead of spreading the storage spaces horizontally, and taking up too much needed counter space, make use of the vertical space. This will help your kitchen look compact; and also reduce your movements as everything will be within easy reach. Use cabinets, hooks, and specialty cabinet door hinging, to neatly organize your kitchenware.
Use Color to Your Advantage
When you are desperately looking for kitchen and bath remodeling near me, pay close attention to color. Opt for colors that make your small kitchen look bigger and brighter. Opt for cabinets and cupboards that are white, as it will create an illusion of the kitchen being more spacious. When it comes to the worktop surface, go with a darker shade, and choose the wall color according to that shade. It will create a layered appearance for the kitchen, making it look bigger than what it is.
Forget the Island
With a compact kitchen, you cannot have a kitchen island. So, the best alternative is to have a kitchen top that is big enough to allow you to do the prep work. Use smart storage solutions to store spices and other cooking necessities near the stove for easy access. Kitchen designers can help you find places in your kitchen to build in hidden workspaces that can be utilized as needed.
You may feel that creating a small and modern kitchen with smart storage will be a staggering task. On the contrary, you can visit Humanity Home & Cabinetry at 799 Piner Road in Santa Rosa to customize your kitchen. Thanks to Humanity Home & Cabinetry, kitchen and bath remodeling near me with smart solutions is never a problem. Call us today at 707-595-5046 to set up a free 30-minute consultation with one of our talented kitchen and bath designers.