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As professional interior designers with over forty years of combined experience, our team at Humanity Home & Cabinetry has seen many design trends come and go over the years. These styles can become timeless interior design choices, but often trendy design choices can go out of style within a few years. Keep reading to learn more about our favorite, and not-so-favorite, interior design trends from 2021 so that you know which are worth your while!

1 – Dark Kitchens

White paint is no longer the end all be all for timeless kitchen design! Navy blue or black cabinetry can, oddly enough, make your kitchen feel light and inviting if paired with appropriate countertops, appliances and accents. While we believe you can’t go wrong here, other colors will be emerging as popular choices for 2022. Hint: we predict emerald green will make a big appearance next year!

2 – Brass Accents

Brass accents were extremely popular this year. Brass handles, doorknobs, or light fixtures can add texture and character to a room with ease! This can also be a great way to remodel a bathroom on a budget without needing to change too many things. While black accents and fixtures may dethrone brass accents in 2022, brass accents will remain popular in interior design for years to come.  

3 – Neutral Colors + Bold Accents

Neutral colors with bold accents are here to stay! Neutral colors, like quartz countertops or light-colored cabinets, are a great way to set the stage for bold, fresh pops of color. This works well for people that want to incorporate a specific color throughout a room. Whether you like sky blue, mint green, or even hot pink, you can incorporate your favorite color easily if you use neutral colors to balance them out!

4 – Open / Exposed Shelving

Open or exposed shelving was extremely popular throughout 2021. Exposed shelves can be a focal viewpoint of a kitchen or other room and rightly so; they are beautiful! However, open shelves can also take away from potential storage space and make your space much more limited. While open shelving will remain a beautiful design choice for years to come, they aren’t for everyone. If you need plenty of storage space for your kitchen appliances, then consider opting for custom cabinetry instead.

5 – Wallpaper

Wallpaper was extremely popular this year, and it will likely remain popular throughout 2022. Not only does wallpaper last a lot longer than paint, it is also usually easier to create highly detailed and intricate designs with wallpaper than with paint. Hint: wallpaper can be a great interior design choice for renters to easily make the space their own without damaging the walls, and it can be quickly self-installed!

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