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Are you thinking about hiring Marin County kitchen designers and giving your kitchen a new look?  Or are you about to build a new home, and want to make sure it includes the perfect kitchen for your needs?  Either way, it can be a lot of fun and a great investment as well!
However, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to designing or redesigning a kitchen.
If you think a few things through before you start shopping for a kitchen design partner, it’ll be much easier for you to find one who can make your vision into a reality!
Four Important Things to Consider Before Hiring Marin County Kitchen Designers
1 – Your budget
You should always have a very clear idea of your budget before beginning any major building or remodeling projects.  Your designer will be able to work with you within a set budget, but without hard numbers, it will be difficult for them to know what can and can’t go into your new kitchen.
2 – Your long-term plans
This is a huge question: Are you planning to stay in this house for the long term, even decades, or do you see yourself selling it within a few years?  This will affect every other decision you make about what goes into your kitchen.
A sales-focused redesign will want to focus on appliances and furniture which will hold their resale value, while a remodeling focused on long-term living would be more about comfort and usability.  This may also dictate your design choices.  If you’re planning to sell, you’ll want a look that won’t be out-of-style in a few years.  If you’re looking long-term, it could look however you want.
3 – Cooking space vs usable space
This is another big question:  Do you want more space dedicated to cooking specifically, or more space for people to hang out and congregate?  You can strike a balance, of course, but this is a key usability question you need to answer.
4 – What you don’t want to change
Finally, be sure to think about what you like about your current kitchen.  This could be specific fixtures or pertain to the layout.  You don’t want to fix what isn’t broken, after all.
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