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A skilled and knowledgeable Sonoma County interior designer has the ability to not only transform the look of your home; they are often able to secure materials you do not have easy access to.
However, not all interior designers or redecorators are created equal, so knowing how to select one is important. Here are a few tips on selecting the right Sonoma County interior designer for your personal needs.
Know Your Style
Before you can hire the right interior designer, you need to know your own style. Do you like it shabby chic or are you more a modern industrial type? Perhaps you’ve been a fan of 1920s art deco. You don’t need to know the exact names of styles and trends, but understand your personal style. This way you can select an interior designer who can work with your style.
Check Out the Portfolios
Prior to hiring anyone, you need to look at their portfolios. Even if one particular designer is highly regarded, they may not work within your own design. After all, some artists work in abstract while others are more true to life. Identify those who show obvious skill in the kind of style you’re interested in.
Know Your Budget
You need to have an idea as to how much money you can spend. Interior designing can become extremely expensive if you are not careful or don’t have a budget. Know what you can afford and then go from there.
Meet and Ask
After performing the previous steps, meet up with the designers who fit in your budget and have demonstrated skill in your particular styles. When meeting up, ask as many questions as you can. You need to know whether or not it is the right fit or not. While asking about their qualifications to what their ideas would be for your space, you should feel completely comfortable and confident in the interior designer you hire ahead of time. Just try to keep an open mind during the design process.
Whether you’re looking to change up the look on your condo or a four bedroom home, finding the right Sonoma County interior designer is essential. By following through with these different tips, you’ll not only locate a professional with both knowledge and experience, but someone who can work with your ideas to create the perfect feel and appearance of your home.
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