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Whether you are designing a kitchen in a brand-new home or remodeling your current one, one of the most important elements you need to think about is the cabinetry.  Where do you go when you have so many options nowadays? One choice you will be faced with is between custom manufactured cabinetry and custom locally-made cabinetry. Sonoma County kitchen designers can help you with the many difficult decisions ahead and assist with selecting materials for your kitchen. When working with a designer, you will learn about the differences between manufactured and locally-built cabinetry, and why manufactured is a better fit for your needs.
Why Manufactured Cabinetry is Better than Locally-Built Cabinetry
Here is a look at why you should choose manufactured cabinetry over locally-made cabinetry for your kitchen, especially here in California:
1. Quality: There may be a significant difference in the quality of manufactured cabinetry and locally-made cabinets. You might find some locally-made cabinets are constructed with lower grade materials, and come with limited warranties, if any. The fully customizable manufactured cabinetry brands that we work with pass high standards of quality control in both construction and finishes. These cabinets will add aesthetic appeal to your kitchen, and best of all, last you many years without the need for replacement.
2. Cost: Cabinetry is more expensive than the average consumer expects, regardless of being built locally or in a factory. Depending on the materials, locally-made cabinets can be less expensive as there is less overhead with this operation. That being said, the process may be more time consuming with a local shop. You may also find yourself compromising on aesthetics due to less options for door styles and finishes. Manufactured cabinet factories rely on automation to deliver your cabinets faster, at a higher quality than a local shop, with a warranty to back them up.
3. Finish: The finish that manufactured cabinets have makes them extremely durable. A highly controlled and meticulous multi-coat, UV-cured finish is standard with manufactured cabinets. The factory finishes of manufactured cabinets provide a smooth surface in a variety of paint colors and stain. Specifically, here in California, this is something a local cabinet maker shop cannot provide, due to environmental laws other states do not have to comply to for their factories. The majority of our companies are GreenGuard certified, meaning the finishes are safe for your home with low VOCs.
High-Quality Services from the Top Sonoma County Kitchen Designers
When you want top-notch services from Sonoma County kitchen designers, there is one name you can always trust – Humanity Home & Cabinetry. Their qualified and experienced professionals will provide the quality cabinetry you need for your kitchen. They will help you create a cooking space in your home that is practical as well as beautiful. For more information, call us at 707-595-5046.