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At Humanity Home & Cabinetry, we take pride in being Sonoma County’s premiere full-service interior design company. One of the first questions our prospective clients often ask is, “what makes a full-service interior designer different than other interior designers?” We’re here to answer that question!

Keep reading below to learn more about how we serve our customers and what makes Humanity Home & Cabinetry a full-service interior design company:

What Does “Full-Service” Mean When Talking About Interior Design?

When we say that Humanity Home & Cabinetry is a full-service interior design company, we mean that our professional design team will support your project from start to finish.

Our journey will start by asking you all about your intentions for the new or remodeled space. What goals do you have in mind? Are there any specific décor or art pieces you want us to incorporate or work around? Have you considered which walls can be knocked down (if any) to create more space? These are all important questions to answer before your design process is underway!

Not only will our designers be there to guide you through the important questions for the design of the intended space, but our team will also support your project through installation. Our team has the ability to create and provide build-ready floorplans that your desired general contractor can utilize.

By choosing a full-service interior design company, you are ensuring that the designs you fall in love with can be sensibly built! You will have no fear of your contractor telling you your designs aren’t possible.

The Key Difference Between Standard Interior Design and “Full-Service” Interior Design

Choosing a standard interior design service can be a great way to save a few dollars during your initial new construction or remodel phase as they are often cheaper than “full-service” interior design services; but, this is for good reason. You receive far less in return for your money when you chose not to use a full-service designer.

The first major difference is that your final designs may or may not be build-ready when you utilize a standard service. Many interior designers are there to provide you with ideas, guidebooks, décor pallets, and other helpful interior design tools. What don’t they provide? Floorplans that can be used by a general contractor without needing to create new ones!

The second major difference is the lack of coordination and management, which leaves the customer with many more headaches to handle. Who is going to research various general contractors, electricians, or other service professionals? Who is going to ensure all the scheduling lines up so that each can perform his or her task in the proper order?

Even when an interior design company can provide you with build-ready plans, that doesn’t necessarily mean the same company is equipped to help coordinate your project with ease!

Relationships Matter

It’s extremely important for a full-service interior designer to have strong working relationships with contractors of all specialties spread throughout their area of operation. By having strong working relationships with contractors in various fields from plumbing to heating & air conditioning, electric, flooring, roofing, finish carpentry, and more, we can provide a worry-free and seamless experience for our clients. Change orders, client requests, and additional parts or materials are much easier to coordinate when each contractor or company on the project has worked with one another in the past.

When Humanity Home & Cabinetry is hired to design a space, we enter the working relationship with professional contractors ready to support our needs. As we have invested significant time and energy into building these relationships, our preferred partners are eager to assist us!

If our client ever has a question that extends outside of our expert knowledge as interior designers, we can also turn to our colleagues who specialize in the given field. By leveraging our professional relationships, we are able to provide clients with the most accurate and up-to-date information available in any construction field!

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