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We often see articles about the most common questions interior designers receive like, “How much do interior design services usually cost?” or, “How long will it take to design my space?” While these questions are very important, people often don’t consider how important the questions we ask you are!

Keep reading below to learn more about some of the questions we like to ask our clients before beginning a new interior design project. Hopefully these questions will give you insights about your readiness to hire a professional interior designer!

1. What are three things you like and three things you dislike about the current space?

While our clients often know why they want to change a space or the things they don’t like about it, sometimes they don’t consider the aspects of their current space they do like. This is often a great starting point for our interior designers to hear directly from you some of your current preferences as well as styles to avoid. With this information, we have a great starting point for a remodel or renovation!

2. What colors bring you happiness?

People often don’t consciously think about how often colors and tones can affect their mood. Are you someone that is happier when the sun is shining and feel grey when it’s grey outside? The inside of your home is no different!

The colors you choose for paints, accents, and other décor are extremely impactful on your everyday sense of ease, wellbeing, and happiness at home! By working with a professional interior designer, we can tastefully incorporate the colors that give you a sense of peace at home without compromising on aesthetics or functionality! This client wanted various ocean blue tones throughout their California residence, and our interior designers made their dream a reality.

3. Are there any small decorations, pieces of furniture, or art pieces that carry significant sentimental value in the space?

Humans are highly intelligent yet emotional beings. When you look around your house, is there anything you see that causes great emotion? Whether it is a piece of your child’s “artwork” on the wall or an antique jewelry box that has been in the family for generations, we want to make sure to include your keepsakes! Furthermore, our professional interior designers can often create unique solutions to tastefully display your family heirlooms.

4. What is your single main goal for this space?

Embarking on a new construction or remodeling project can often be overwhelming if you do not define your goals in advance.

What is the intended purpose of the space being constructed or renovated – is it going to serve as an office, home gym, sitting room, kitchenette, or bathroom? Is this going to be a space for everyday family use or used to entertain occasional guests? Making these decisions in advance and writing them down in an easily visible location can help keep your goals top of mind throughout the interior design process.

At the end of the day, we have strong reasons for asking our clients numerous detailed questions. By doing so, we ensure we are properly equipped with the information necessary to provide clear expectations and deliver an exceptional interior design service!

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