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The coronavirus pandemic forced many of us to spend more time at home. It’s no surprise that, according to a recent survey published by Bid-On-Equipment, 89% of American Homeowners performed a DIY renovation during the pandemic. What’s even more surprising is that 1 in 4 homeowners regret their decision to attempt a DIY upgrade!

Most Popular Upgrades

According to the homeowners surveyed nationally, 86% deemed the most popular type of DIY project was to their home’s exterior.

With public spaces being limited, it seems intuitive that people wanted to improve their outdoor space. Since eating at restaurants was temporarily paused in many locations, it also makes sense that people wanted more functional and appealing kitchens!

45% of homeowners performed bathroom remodels, and another 43% performed kitchen remodels.

Fun fact: the most popular home improvement made during the pandemic by California homeowners was a kitchen remodel!

Why the Regret?

With homeowners needing more practical and enjoyable space at home, why is there so much regret?

According to the survey, there are four prevailing reasons why homeowners regret their DIY improvement project: time, money, final results, and most importantly, unforeseen level of complexity, either in the design or the installation portion.

Maybe you didn’t have the necessary tools, or maybe you had to hire a professional anyways to fix a portion of your work: both result in higher costs and more time spent than expected.

While a few homeowners may revel in their truly spectacular DIY home makeover, the reality is that many DIY renovations are performed by homeowners that underestimated the time, energy, money, patience, or experience required for their kitchen or bathroom renovation.

DIY vs. Professionals

One of the first questions homeowners ask themselves when preparing for a renovation is, “Should I hire a contractor or a designer, or can I handle the interior design, kitchen remodel, or bathroom remodel on my own?”

With 27% of homeowners regretting their DIY renovation, there’s a large risk you will dislike your kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel. This means time, money, and heartache wasted!

At Humanity Home & Cabinetry, we deem this unacceptable. We know the importance of loving your kitchen, bathrooms, and all areas of your home, and we are here to help!

Our interior design professionals are experts in kitchen and bathroom design, as well as cabinetry and all facets of interior design. Our expertise can cut down on the time needed for both planning and installation, which will save you money, produce a higher quality project, and help avoid unforeseen delays due to limited prior experience!

What next?

If you’re reading this section, then it’s likely you’re either a homeowner regretting your DIY project or a person searching for advice before attempting a home renovation project.

Our advice for both parties is the same: consult with an interior design professional! We can start your project from scratch or assist with ongoing designs and installations.

There is no one better positioned to guide your kitchen remodel or bathroom remodel than an interior designer from Humanity Home & Cabinetry. Schedule a consultation online or call us today at (707) 595-5046 to speak with our interior design, kitchen, bathroom, and cabinetry professionals.



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