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At Humanity Home & Cabinetry, we love all things cabinets! Cabinets are extremely versatile: not only do cabinets provide essential storage space for all your kitchen utensils, appliances, and more… they can also add a visual wow-factor to any space!

1. Do I need new cabinets, or will a fresh coat of paint suffice?

The answer to this question is different for every home. A better question is to ask if your current cabinets are serviceable with no additional work? Do all the hinges work properly and other hardware is secure? Do you still like the style of doors and drawers, or is it time for a more modern approach? Are you already planning on replacing your countertops?

If you decide the cabinets themselves are worn, outdated, or otherwise non-serviceable…then it’s time for brand new cabinetry! If you happen to still like the structure of your cabinets and the hardware works well, then you can likely still gain a fresh perspective with new paint without the need for an entire replacement.

2 . How much do new cabinets cost?

The cost of new cabinetry can vary widely based on a few key factors. What type of material will be used? There are many popular wood choices like walnut, oak, maple, and cherry. Furthermore, what level of intricacy do you prefer? There are many style options from frameless, framed full overlay, framed inset, and more!

The choice of cabinetry inserts & organizational accessories also plays a role in the overall cost. Do you have drawers everywhere instead of doors with shelves inside? Are you looking to trick out your kitchen with roll-out shelves, appliance and spice organizers, etc.? All these items bring your price up, but in the end, most people are grateful they spent the extra money in the beginning.

While new cabinetry projects can vary widely in cost, it’s not unusual to see this portion of a remodel range in cost from 15-20% of the project’s total budget. Additionally, painting or refinishing the existing cabinets will cost at least half of what brand new cabinets cost, and even closer if you’re intent on replacing old hinges and glides to be soft-closing, or adding any additional organizational accessories. If you need further insight on what it would cost to remodel your kitchen or other cabinetry, then click here to schedule a consultation.

3 . How long do new cabinets take to arrive once I’ve placed the order?

Unfortunately, this question is more complicated than it may seem. A few things to consider are the materials and level of craftsmanship you choose for your project. Are your materials of choice readily available, or will it take a few weeks or even months for sourcing and shipping? Depending on the level of customization, your cabinets can take months to land in your home. The backlog of orders from the last few years has pushed lead times out and it’s unclear when things will calm down. Even “ready-made” cabinets you may find at a big box store are backordered more often than not.

While projects vary based on size, detail, and material availability, it’s not uncommon for cabinetry ordering to take 8 to 20 weeks. Fortunately, we have many cabinetry lines to fit every budget, timeline and wish list! The key is to discern what combination of those factors are most important. It’s nearly impossible to have all 3 of those factors combine neatly.

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