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Are you having a dinner party at home? Is your office reopening? Maybe you are the person that enjoys hosting Thanksgiving dinner. Although people may have different reasons, one thing is clear: bathrooms are back in business! 

As bathrooms become frequently visited rooms in your home or office again, you may want to consider a few upgrades. Here are five trends you should consider for your bathroom remodel, renovation, or new construction that will stay in style for years to come:

Free Standing Tub

Free standing bathtubs are iconic. No longer exclusively reminiscent of the past, the free-standing bathtub is gaining in popularity among new constructions and remodels for many reasons.

It is hard to argue against the timeless and elegant nature of a free-standing tub, but have you ever thought about how much easier this can be to clean? No more worries about scrubbing grout along tile lines – simply wipe down the tub itself!

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New Cabinetry

If you’re tired of the look and feel of your bathroom but can only afford a single renovation, new cabinetry may be the best bet! Selecting the best cabinetry colors, textures, and finishes for your taste and space is not always easy, but if done right, it can make the space feel brand new! Our recent project, “The Bathroom on Breeden Street,” is a great example of upgraded bathroom cabinets:




Extra Water Pressure

One of the most frequent complaints we hear from homeowners is that their shower does not have strong enough water pressure. Did you know that changing your shower head can make a big difference? At Humanity Home & Cabinetry, we’re committed to making sure that all our clients feel like they have a personal spa at home! 

As professional interior designers, we can help guide you through different choices that all match your style and provide great water pressure. If this still does not meet your needs, then consider multiple showerheads – this is becoming more and more common in residential spaces!


Smart home technology is here to stay, and the bathroom is no different! If you are unsure of where to start, then we have you covered. These are a few new advancements worth considering:

  • Toilet technology has come a long way. Heated seats on a timer? Check. Automatic bidet and dryer? Check. Automatic lid lifting and nightlights? What more could you want! Not to mention, by consuming less toilet paper you will be helping the environment.
  • Smart faucets are making a big dent in the residential marketplace! Not only do they save water by automatically turning off, but there’s also less mess to clean up as you don’t need to reach across the counter to turn off the faucet. 

Wet Room

Wet rooms have been popular internationally for quite some time, and we are starting to see more of them locally. You might be asking yourself, “What is a wet room?” Our interior designers are here to help!

A wet room is a room designed to do exactly what it sounds like: get wet. Imagine a bathroom with floor to ceiling tile, ceramic, or stonework and waterproof appliances. The shower may have just a single wall or even be freestanding in the center of the room! This makes for a unique experience that also makes cleaning a breeze. 


Are you ready to start your bathroom renovation, remodel, or new construction? Click here to schedule a consultation online or give us a call at (707) 595-5046. 


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