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The bathroom is one of the most important areas of a home. For most people, their morning usually starts with waking up from an invigorating shower and ends with washing your face and brushing your teeth before bed. For many homeowners, their bathroom is their refuge – a place to jump-start their day, then relax and recharge at the end of a long day. Given the important role that their bathrooms play in their lives, giving them a facelift should be an important consideration for anybody considering a remodel to their home.

Think About Your Preferred Materials and Project Cost

Prior to embarking on a bathroom remodeling project, decide on the type and quality of materials you want to use. Calculate the expected return on investment on the project. At this point, it is also important to set up a realistic budget. Are you planning on selling your home a few years down the road, or is this going to be yours forever home? Remember that your return on investment will largely depend on your motivations. If this is your forever home, you should choose the materials that make it feel like your own spa. If you’re planning on selling down the road, choose materials that will be a great financial return on your investment.

Bathroom Remodeling Tips

Here are some effective tips to give your bathroom a chic makeover.
Build Beautiful Surfaces: To make a bold statement, consider updating your vanity countertop, wall tiles, and floor tiles. Consider a statement vanity for creating a unique contrast to your bathroom’s overall design. Add a dash of elegant sophistication with durable quartz from Caesarstone, Silestone, or national tile shop Bedrosians own Sequel Quartz. For a modern and luxurious look and feel, use bold colors.
Upgrade Your Bathroom Lighting: Bathroom lighting has a major impact on the overall look and feel of a bathroom. When choosing the right lighting for your bathroom, remember to consider important factors such as your bathroom size, layout, and style. Dare to look beyond traditional options such as sconce and mounted futures. Choose from contemporary lighting options such as hanging pendants, or LED lighting within your mirror. The right lighting will add character and elevate your bathroom’s functionality.
Opt For a Shower: Consider replacing your tub with a walk-in or level access (curbless) shower. If your bathroom is narrow, remove your bathtub to make the area feel more inviting and aesthetically appealing. If your bathroom does not receive ample natural light, remove visual interruption by opting for a design with a frameless glass door.
Add Some Bling to Your Space: Look at updating the plumbing and cabinet hardware to give it some extra sparkle. Updating the cabinet hardware can have a large impact on the look and feel of not just your bathroom cabinets, but the entire room. Changing the finish can give your bathroom the slight uplift it needs. This can also be very cost-efficient!
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