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The world of interior design is fast paced and ever-changing. Because so many bathroom remodel ideas are only trends, it can be hard to keep up with which styles will last a lifetime. That’s where a professional interior designer comes in – we’re here to do the hard work for you!

Want to know more about what recent trends might look great for your upcoming bathroom remodel or bathroom renovation? Looking for a few tips to find the inspiration to redecorate your guest or master bathroom? Keep reading for tips from our professional interior designers on how to remodel or redecorate a bathroom that will last for years to come.

Consider Your Layout

There are many choices to consider when undertaking a bathroom remodel. Do you want a bathtub, shower, or both? Do you want one sink or two? What color paints do you envision? Is it going to be a half bathroom or full bathroom?

As you can see, it’s easy to start going down a rabbit hole of questions and design choices. Instead of overwhelming yourself, our expert interior designers suggest something more realistic: how much space do you have to work with?

While limited space might make it hard to have two sinks, a toilet, bidet, bathtub, and walk-in shower… it will make it easier to decide which of these amenities are most important to you! From here, your bathroom design journey will be much easier.

Remodeled half-bathroom and full-bathroom pictured from the same residence by Humanity Home & Cabinetry
Remodeled half-bathroom and a full-bathroom pictured from the same residence by Humanity Home & Cabinetry


Not all cabinetry is created equally!

Our professional interior designers know firsthand how common it is to hear that a homeowner is calling us to design a bathroom remodel due to cabinetry concerns. The three main reasons homeowners contact us to design new bathroom cabinetry are a lack of storage space, poor design resulting in too much wasted space, and outdated cabinetry hardware or styles.

Many of the problems above occur because stock cabinetry was originally installed. While this type of mass-produced cabinetry serves a great purpose in many commercial settings, it is not usually designed to fit your specific bathroom perfectly. This can cause awkward, unused storage spaces and tight walkways in your home bathrooms.

Custom cabinetry can solve all these problems! One of the benefits of working with professional interior designers is gaining access to all their contacts, such as custom cabinetry carpenters. With these contacts, our professional interior design team can help make sure your bathroom cabinetry is stylish, functional, and space saving! Click here to see some of the bathrooms we’ve designed.

Who’s Using the Bathroom?

Occasionally, we help design a bathroom remodel for a client whose bathroom is already beautiful! The problem? It wasn’t designed well for its eventual use.

It is so important to consider who will be using a bathroom most often before redesigning, remodeling, or renovating the bathroom. Is this your master bathroom for personal use? Is this bathroom intended for guests to use? Is this bathroom being revamped in a home of an older couple that is getting closer to their elderly years? Answering these questions in advance often helps avoid costly remodels down the line.

Are You Considering a Bathroom Remodel?

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