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The simplest trick to create an inviting, relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom is by incorporating elements that can complement each other. With a mix of colors and shades, you can easily achieve any bedroom design vision. When it comes to decorating a bedroom, there is one component that is most important: your comfort!  Here are four classic designer-inspired bedroom themes from our Sonoma County interior designer.
Bold Wallpaper
If you are looking for striking bedroom ideas, bold wallpapers can be the winning fix. You can choose from enormous prints, shaded stripes, or flocked patterns to make striking wall features in your bedroom. You can also use the bold wallpaper on the bedside bedroom table or wardrobe doors to create designer-style pieces.

Dreamy White
White not only evokes a calming atmosphere but also an inviting and positive one as well. White gives a flawless backdrop for furniture, eye-catching complements, and art. If you don’t like plain white, then you can use mixed finishes, pleated curtains, natural fiber rug, and pop of color from pillows. You can cozy up your bedroom with white for a dreamy, soothing sanctuary that will perfectly match your taste of style.

Black and White
There’s something truly interesting about the mix of black and white in the bedroom. Black and white are the most versatile colors to use when decorating your bedroom. A Sonoma County Interior designer can help bring an effect that’s engaging and fun, but not too distracting using black and white palette tones.

Go For It Color
Just because it is your bedroom doesn’t mean you have to forgo the fun.  Navy…the new “it” color pops beautifully with vibrant orange.  These colors can work in a traditional space or be incorporated into a modern and sophisticated room.  If planned and used correctly, this color pallet fit a room for all ages and gender.

Humanity Home & Cabinetry Can Help
Finding a balance between colors and style is key to creating your dream bedroom. You can only achieve this using an experienced Sonoma County interior designer. For more information about our services and unique designs, you can schedule a consultation with us. Call Humanity Home & Cabinetry at 707-595-5046  or email us as today.