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Did you know that kitchens are some of the most expensive rooms in a house to remodel or renovate? Many homeowners don’t realize this at first, but after one considers all the electrical, plumbing, and appliances, it’s easy to see how this adds up fast! 

Unless a trendy item speaks to your aesthetic in a lasting way, it’s so important to make timeless decisions in your kitchen design choices.

Here are five questions you should ask to make sure you enjoy the results of your kitchen remodel for years to come:

1) What is the overall atmosphere you intend to create?

When embarking on such a big project, it’s important to know where you are headed! Do you have an atmosphere in mind? Do you want to feel warm and cozy, or is modern, sleek, and clean the feeling you wish to create?

While there are many right answers, all your choices should compliment each other. The next four questions will help guide you through a cohesive kitchen remodel design.

2) What style cabinetry creates the feeling you want to create?

If you don’t know where to start with your kitchen remodel, then consider this: what material or object will cover a large portion of your kitchen? It’s the kitchen cabinetry! 

Because your kitchen cabinetry is likely a prominent feature, choosing the right cabinetry can set the tone for the rest of your design choices. What color do you want to start with? A bold navy blue or a timelessly clean white? By choosing a color and architectural style, your choices for hardware (such as knobs, handles, etc.) are already narrowed down!

3) What appliances, tones, and textures match the cabinetry?

This is where projects become extremely personal! Everyone has a different style, and there are numerous options when it comes to tones, textures, and even materials and shapes for your knobs, handles, appliances, and more.

If this seems daunting, then you are not alone. We are here to help! Our team is prepared to listen to your general likes and dislikes and present you with catered choices. We even have handy wish lists to ensure your new kitchen has all the items you want to see.

4) Do your choices complement the rest of your home? 

While many people starting a new construction project are already thinking about the whole picture when designing the kitchen, it’s easy to get stuck on your “perfect kitchen” during a remodel or renovation without considering the context of the rest of your already existing home. 

If you only have the need or budget to remodel the kitchen and no other rooms, it is important that the result is seamless! Don’t worry about identical tones and textures but instead aim for ones that flow.

5) What is the project budget, and are your choices realistic?

Now that you have a general idea of what you want, it’s time to schedule a consultation online. Our team at Humanity Home & Cabinetry has the expertise needed to guide you through tangible, real-life options in a range of prices to give you educated options that will bring your dream kitchen to life! 

Ready to start your next kitchen remodel? Contact us today!

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