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Are you designing a kitchen for your new home or planning to give your current one a makeover? One of the key elements that you need to keep in mind is integrated cabinet lighting. Integrated cabinet lighting is a great addition and adds visual appeal. “Integrated” refers to either under cabinet lighting, or lighting placed inside the cabinet itself. To make sure you choose the right integrated cabinet lighting for your kitchen, there are a few features you need to keep in mind. Our Interior Designers at Sonoma County interior designer can help you select the right lighting, and create a beautiful kitchen for your home.

5 Features to Consider for the Best Integrated Cabinet Lighting

Here is a look at 5 important features to consider when shopping for cabinet lighting.
1. Voltage: There are two primary options of cabinet lighting in regards to voltage: line (normal) voltage (120V) lighting and low voltage (12V or 24V) lighting. Low voltage lighting is ideal for any kitchen as it allows you to use smaller light fixtures so you can fit more lights under the cabinet, even if the space is tight. It also produces less heat, making the space more comfortable.
2. Wiring: Simple plug-in or hardwired are the two basic types of wiring for under cabinet lighting. An affordable and simpler option is plug-in lighting which may not require a professional. The hard wire will require a professional, but it is a cleaner look with wiring connecting to light switch panels that make them easier to access. This is helpful so you aren’t fumbling around looking for a switch on the actual light.
3. Fixture Lenses: To create a uniform distribution of light, “fixture” or “diffused” lenses are a feature you need to consider. They are also important for reducing glare, and minimizing bright reflections on various surfaces, such as your kitchen counter. Xenon and halogen lighting fixtures can be especially quite glaring, so fixture lenses are a must if you choose any one of these lighting fixtures.
4. Dimming Capability: Cabinet lighting with a dimming capability is a great choice. You are able to gain much more control over the lighting, and this allows you to save energy and money. This will also provide adjustable lighting conditions that allow you to work comfortably, or keep the lights low when sneaking in for a mid-night snack.
5. Energy Efficiency: When it comes to the lighting in your home, energy efficiency plays a critical role. For the most energy-efficient under cabinet lighting, your best option is LED. Some fixtures with LED use as little as 5 watts while still providing you with the right amount of light. They are easy to dim, produce almost no heat at all, and are more cost efficient. LED lighting has a variety of hues based on Kelvin units. Kelvin is a unit of measurement used to describe the hue of a specific light source. The higher the Kelvin value of the light source, the closer the light’s color output will be to actual sunlight.
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