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In an effort to reduce remodeling costs, homeowners often attempt kitchen renovations on their own; however, this can actually end up costing them a lot more. The professionals here at Humanity Home & Cabinetry would like homeowners to know these five advantages of working with kitchen designers in Marin County.
1. Expert Advice to Prevent Costly Mistakes
When you work with a kitchen designer you get to take advantage of their expert knowledge, which can help prevent potentially costly mistakes. For example, they will help you plan your layout to ensure the best function at the lowest cost. Sure, moving the kitchen sink to the other side of the room sounds simple enough, until you factor in the costs of moving the plumbing.
2. Professional Coordination Saves You Money
Homeowners who take on the role of general contractor should be prepared to be available and on-site throughout the duration of the project to troubleshoot, answer questions, ensure worker productivity, and sign for deliveries and what not. However, by using a kitchen designer, you don’t have to take weeks off of work and can rest assured that the project is moving forward smoothly.
3. Smoother Communication among Sub-Contractors
A lot goes into a kitchen remodeling project. You will need to coordinate plumbing, electrical, cabinetry, flooring, windows, and walls to ensure each task gets done in the right order and on time. This alone can be one of the most difficult aspects of a remodeling project, one that can be easily handled by kitchen designers in Marin County.
4. Reduced Costs of Higher Quality Materials
A dedicated homemaker/shopper can tell you what products are on sale at what location at any given time, saving a lot of money on the weekly shopping. Professional general contractors can do the same thing, but with building materials and supplies, ensuring you will get the best materials for the best possible prices.
5. Saves You Time
Home remodeling projects are bad about running longer than expected, especially if handled by the homeowner who may not have the experience needed. However, general contractors can help ensure the job is done on time by properly managing tasks, scheduling the contractors at the right time, and ensuring worker production.
To learn more, or to request a free in-showroom consultation with professional kitchen designers in Marin County, please contact the experts at Humanity Home & Cabinetry today!