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A small kitchen can sometimes limit your options when it comes to the design and available storage space. Without considering the necessities, a kitchen can quickly become cluttered, unorganized, and cramped. Partnering with experienced interior designers near you is the first important step to maximizing the effective space of your kitchen. Here are some tips to improve the aesthetic appeal and functionality of a small kitchen from Humanity Home & Cabinetry.

Open It Up  

A small kitchen may feel cramped especially if you have overhead cabinets. Consider trading overhead cabinets for open storage. Use spice holders, magnetic knives, and pot racks to increase the visible open space in your kitchen.
There are several benefits of open shelving. In addition to making your kitchen look and feel more spacious, open shelving will allow you quick access to anything you need for cooking. Additionally, they can increase the overall aesthetic feel of your kitchen by enabling you to show off your favorite dishes, pots, and pans.  Utilize base cabinets for less attractive and bulky cookware.

Use Lighting Effectively 

If used correctly, lighting can make a space look and feel more spacious. Use a combination of task lighting and atmospheric lighting to truly get the most out of your kitchen.  If you want to give your cabinetry more visual movement, install incandescent lighting underneath and above the upper cabinets. Want to consider a more modern look? If your budget allows, install lighting under the base cabinetry or employ in-floor lighting.

Give Kitchen Flooring the Attention it Deserves 

Your kitchen’s flooring can have a significant impact on its overall look and feel. The floor is one of the first things many people will notice about a room. If your floor is too old and has lost its original luster, consider replacing or refurbishing it.
When it comes to floors, luxury vinyl has become a favorite of homeowners and interior designers. It is inexpensive, durable, moisture resistant, and comes in a wide variety of colors.  The latest products mimic natural stone tiles and wood planks.

Paint Your Kitchen 

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the aesthetic appeal of your kitchen. Color the appliances, walls, counters, and stools. Use pastel or light colors with generous doses of white. Lighter shades will draw the eyes upward, making the room seem taller whereas darker colors will visually shrink the room.
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