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Small bedrooms, while sometimes cramped, don’t need to be dull bedrooms. Adding style to your intimate space can transform it into a restful retreat. With a few well-chosen design ideas, you can add personality and make the most of your small space.
Here are 4 small bedroom decoration inspirations from a Sonoma County Interior Designer.
Repeat Patterns
Your small space can really shine if you settle for pattern that creates a potent mix of graphic boldness. Using the same pattern or fabric to cover the walls, bed skirt and headboard is a great solution for unifying a small room. A really tiny pattern or really big pattern can make space feel bigger. Applying soft colored patterns is great if you want your bedroom to feel relaxing.
Do Double Duty
Twin beds are an excellent choice for guest rooms and children’s rooms, especially those that are small in size. This can also be convenient for individuals lacking a spare bedroom. Placing the twin beds on opposite walls helps maximize the space available by providing as much open floor space as possible. Twin beds can also be tucked under the eaves of the room in order to make the most of it.
Earthy Tones
While earth tones usually include colors that occur in nature, the term refers to muted tones of orange, yellow, brown, and beige in the design world. Earth tones are neutral colors that are visually persuasive. Light earthy tones help a small bedroom appear bigger and feel cozy as opposed to cramped.
Create a Focal Point
Every small bedroom needs an eye-catching point that creates a hierarchy so you don’t just see clutter. In most instances, the focal point is usually the head of the bed. You can, therefore, make it eye-catching by using an arrangement of bold pillows. In a small bedroom, your eyes could also be attracted to the window. A Sonoma County interior designer from Humanity Home and Cabinetry can help you choose the one element that will be perfect focal point of your room.
Let Us Help with Your Interior Design
We believe that square footage should never limit your creativity. A Sonoma County Interior Designer from Humanity Home and Cabinetry can offer small bedroom design ideas that will ensure that you make the most of your room and enjoy every moment that you spend there. Please call us today at 707-595-5046.