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As Sonoma County’s premiere interior design company, a big part of our job is to stay abreast of the ever-changing landscape of interior design trends. We do this for a very important reason: we care about providing our clients with researched design choices that will last a lifetime!

Keep reading to uncover four of Humanity Home & Cabinetry’s favorite interior design trends here to stay throughout 2022.

1. Emerald Green is the New Navy

Near the end of 2021, our interior designers noticed a new popular trend arising: emerald green in the kitchen. Many customers requested design templates with emerald green incorporated in the paints, backsplashes, and other décor… and we fell in love! It turns out we weren’t the only ones; according to a new article by Etsy, emerald green interior décor searches have recently gone up as much as 60% compared to the same time last year!

While navy remains a popular interior design color for cabinetry and accents, we anticipate many people will incorporate more emerald green in their living spaces for years to come. Who doesn’t love the tasteful and subtle tones of plants, nature, and the outdoors?

2. Black Accents over Brass

Are brass accents a bit too bright for your taste? If this sounds like you, then you’re not alone. Black accents have replaced brass as the go to choice for many homeowners that are looking for a more neutral finish. Black handles and doorknobs also give you a wider range of choices for paint colors or cabinetry finishes than brass accents!

3. Wallpaper is Here to Stay

We saw a big resurgence of interest in wallpaper from our interior design clients throughout 2021, and we don’t see this trend slowing down anytime soon for good reason.

High quality wallpaper tends to outlast interior paint, and this can save you money on future home improvement projects. Another great thing about wallpaper is that you can add much needed tone and texture to an entire room with one simple step: new wallpaper!

4. White Cabinetry is Still on Top

You can’t go wrong with white cabinets! White cabinetry has been a popular interior design choice for new kitchens and older kitchens alike for years. The white cabinetry makes a kitchen feel light and spacious, and white cabinetry allows you to incorporate any accent colors of your choice. However, white cabinetry doesn’t have to stop at the kitchen; white cabinets can look wonderful in your home office, living room, or bathroom too!

As you can see, many trends come and go over the years. Our team at Humanity Home and Cabinetry is here to help guide you through which trends may be right for you and how to best incorporate them into the atmosphere of your home!

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